I was born in the early eighties in an Italian country town, I grew up in the midst of vineyards, vegetable gardens and dismantled engines. I come from a family of hard workers and I learned early from my father to hold every type of tool in my hand, as a child I built wooden machines and disassembled (and reassembled) bicycles.

I don’t remember exactly when I first thought that music was a great thing, but I remember that in 1995 my cousin, who lived across the street, had a very powerful stereo and above all a splendid Gibson Les Paul.

At 14 years old music became an indispensable thing in my life and like many teenagers I studied guitar and started playing with friends.

At that time, for every 20 guitarists there were 2 bass players and 1 drummer: the need therefore led me to embrace an electric bass, initially I borrowed it, then I built one: it was the first musical instrument that I made.

Years go by and I enrolled in university: course of studies in industrial design. These years have been fundamental for my training as a luthier, because I learned about the production processes and the design stages, I knew the materials and processes of a product. I lived for 5 years in a fantastic environment, surrounded by friends who are passionate about the most varied forms of creativity.
Towards the end of my studies, I realize that guitars don’t just come out of factories, but that there are also craftsmen who manage to live building splendid musical instruments. So I decide to go and meet one: I choose it at random, from the yellow pages and the next day I go to his laboratory: the luthier is Dario Pontiggia.

Dario immediately proves to be very kind and begins to tell me the story of Antonio De Torres. After an hour of conversation I understand that this job is “what I want to do when I grow up”.

Today I’m grown up and I’m a professional luthier, guitars have become my life. I have built many: they are the result of the passion and study of the great guitar makers of the past. These same guitars today are around the world and are played now in various continents: this is the aspect that makes me most proud of my work.

Marco Bortolozzo Guitars