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Guitar building

Antonio De Torres Guitar
The first classic

Torres Model

This guitar is a faithful tribute to Antonio de Torres the father of modern classical guitar

The sum of everything

The 1983 classical

(Description coming soon)

A designer’s work

The 1993 classical

(Description coming soon)

Hermann Hauser Segovia guitar
The guitar of the last century

Hermann Hauser
“1937 Andrès Segovia”

At the beginning of the last century a German luthier designed the guitar that Segovia called “the greatest guitar of our time”

A new nylon experience


(Description coming soon)

Marco Bortolozzo Folk Guitar
A new sound for an old shape

The folk size 0

A steel-string guitar designed for craftsmanship and not for industry, an extremely light instrument that mixes European and American tradition

About me

I was born in the early eighties in an Italian country town, I grew up in the midst of vineyards, vegetable gardens and dismantled engines. I come from a family of hard workers and I learned early from my father to hold every type of tool in my hand, as a child I built wooden machines and disassembled (and reassembled) bicycles.

I don’t remember exactly when I first thought that music was a great thing, but I remember that in 1995 my cousin, who lived across the street, had a very powerful stereo and above all a splendid Gibson Les Paul.

Stories about guitar building

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A brief history of guitar

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Some friends I work with

What People Say

From the moment I picked up my Bortolozzo I could feel and hear something I hadn’t before in any of my instruments. An incredible one on one dynamic and tonal response that has since inspired me to continue reaching deeper still.
An amazing guitar, one of a kind.
Thank you Marco for being such a badass!

Alain Johannes
Alain Johannes Eleven, Queens of the stone age,
PJ Harvey, What is this

I spent a lot of time researching my sound and, over time, this need has increased exponentially. I had to learn to calculate the nuances, to take advantage of the contrasts by maniacally exploring the chain of elements and factors that determine my sound.
Then I met Marco’s guitars and I finally started playing again without thinking about anything.
Regarding my Hauser copy, built by Marco, I can simply say that it is a deep, kind and extremely generous instrument, with which I pleasantly spend a lot of time without ever getting tired.

David Beltran Soto Chero
David Beltran Soto Chero Solo artist, teacher

I am happy to have come across Marco Bortolozzo, because he is a person who sincerely loves his work as a craftsman and this shines through his instruments.
They are finely made, cared for and although classic they have a tension towards research and modernity which I am sure will lead him to experiment and improve constantly.
I had never played such a rich classical guitar, with harmonics, nuances and timbres.
And also the steel-string combine timbre, volume and character of the sound with a surprising lightness and playability.

Rodrigo D’Erasmo Afterhours

#58 – what a singing beauty!
It ist the beauty of simplicity: fine woods, a designers heart and eye and stunning craftsmanship.
A delight to look at. I love its smell of maple and spruce and just a little bit of shellac. When I take it to play with, it is light like a feather and perfectly balanced. Trebles are sweet, lightfull and airy, basses are dark and serious, middles dry and mediterranean. It is easy to play, if you let you guide to effortlessness.
It is an instrument of love, honesty and happiness.

wolfgang hillemann
Wolfgang HillemannSolo artist, teacher

A few pictures from my workbench



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