The first classic
Torres Model

Antonio De Torres (1817-1892) was the author of a both formal and sound “revolution” for the guitar world. He was able to create a completely new instrument compared to the traditional one, which would have been a source of inspiration for all generations of luthiers of the following century.

My “Torres Model” is not an actual copy of a particular guitar but the result of the study of several instruments.

The shape I use is the one used by Torres in the FE09 guitar, Miguel Llobet’s favorite guitar

The Torres model is made without using materials that require CITES certification.
I am able to customize the length of the string, the widths of the fretboard and the neck size of my guitars according to individual needs.

red spruce
maple or cypress
maple or cypress
spanish cedar
indian rosewood
french polish
sale lenght
650 mm
body lenght
475 mm
side heights
from 85 mm to 90 mm
52 mm
soundbox pitch
around E
map 1,25 kg / cyp 1,1 kg
In Action
Here you can listen to an example of the sound of this guitar model recorded using ZOOM H4N without adding any effect or equalization